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The Nutritionist and Lotsa Salt

Today I went to my appointment with the nutritionist Steve Sweeney of Simply for Life. This is what they say about their nutritional program:
"At SFL we believe in doing one thing very well - helping people achieve their ultimate health through food. No pills, gimmicks or magic powders, just food from your grocery store. "
Steve asked me about my condition, read the documentation from Dr Levine and asked me for additional links so he can learn more about Dysautonomia. I told him MY OPINION (for what that's worth) that I needed a low carb, low-glycemic diet that contained lots of healthy foods but still included the Dr. Levine recommended 10,000 mg of salt per day.  I also mentioned that because of my IBS I would prefer to keep grains such as wheat and oats at an absolute minimum.

Steve will be preparing a menu plan of 6 meals/snacks per day along with a shopping list.  He also said that he would gradually increase my salt intake based on how much my stomach can tolerate.   Steve said I should get the menu plan via email by tomorrow - Yay!

Part of the SFP requires that I visit their office weekly to be weighed and to discuss the previous week's menu.  The program isn't cheap but if I get the results I want...that's priceless!!

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