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The purchase of a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)

It was DIFFICULT to choose a heart rate monitor and watch which I need to monitor my heart rate as I am exercising. First of all there are hundreds to choose from and all of them have subtle and hard-to-understand features.

To find help in selecting a heart rate monitor and watch I went to our local Running Room store (incredible group of folks). Since they are all super-keeners for fitness I figured if anyone would carry heart rate monitors it would be them. They of course had quite a selection of monitors including products from both Garmin and Polar. I happen to know that Polar works with the gym equipment at the YMCA (and most other gyms in the city) so I narrowed my search to just Polar.

What I need in a heart rate monitor:
  • a big readable screen in the watch (I don't want to have to put glasses on to see what my heart rate is)
  • to be able to manually set heart rate zones. For example: my warm up zone should be between 110-120 bpm.
  • to be able to hear an alarm if my heart rate goes outside of a heart rate zone
  • for it to be compatible with the exercise equipment I will be using at the YMCA
I settled on the Polar FT7 at $159 cdn. It included the watch (they call it a "training computer" uhuh!), the heart rate monitor strap and a detachable transmitter thingy which snaps onto the strap. The detachable transmitter thingy is handy, I was told, because I could snap it onto special sports bras that have the monitor strap built into them.!!

The watch also has the ability to transfer heart rate information about from training to an online
Polar training site IF I get the optional Polar FlowLink(r) for a mere $69 usd. That might be handy if I get really into managing my heart rate.

I put the heart rate monitor on this morning much to the kids' delight. They are now trying to see what will raise mom's heart rate. They have tried poking me, trying to make me feel guilty, complaining about doing chores, talking about controversial subjects. So far all the only result of their hard work has been admonishments. :-)

Interesting though...since wearing the HRM, I have noticed that just walking around for a prolonged period can make my heart rate go up 30-40 bpm. Anything above 110 when I am walking around makes me feel sick.

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  1. Are you aware of any of the strapless monitors that are effective?