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"Medical Mystery" Article on POTS

Migraines, memory loss: Was it all in his head? 
By Sandra G. Boodman Special to The Washington Post  Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Karen Hammerman could see that her son was upset, and when he told her why, she was unnerved. Adam Hammerman, then a 16-year-old sophomore at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Montgomery County, had missed a week of school because of a virus and telephoned several classmates to see what assignments he'd missed.

"Something's wrong," he told his mother last May. "All my friends are mad at me. They say I've called them five times already and they're not going to tell me again." But Adam had no memory of making the calls.

The incident, Karen Hammerman soon discovered, was not isolated. One morning as Adam prepared to take a shower, he screamed after seeing himself in the mirror: He said he did not remember getting a haircut the previous day. He called his mother from school to ask what time she was picking him up, then called again five minutes later to ask the same thing.

"Basically it was like living with a 16-year-old Alzheimer's patient," Karen Hammerman recalled. See full article here.


  1. Do you know if this show is viewable via the internet and where?

  2. Hi Zoe
    The article came from The Washington Post and I'm not sure if they televised it. There is a TV show call Medical Mysteries that profiled a POTS patient. Part I of which you can find here: