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Is Dr. Levine's Exercise Protocol a Cure???

In talking to various specialists and also to Dr. Levine's team it seems that people can develop POTS or OI for a variety of reasons: trauma, illness, bedrest, predisposition etc. It also seems that the condition can go away permanently in some people while others (like me) it reoccurs or is constant.

The increase in blood volume, gradual strengthening of the body's large/core muscles and reconditioning of the cardiovascular system can help the body develop optimal "orthostatic health".  Being in optimal "orthostatic health" seems to enable the body to function better.  If the body deconditions and/or blood volume is reduced then the symptoms can return.  As I understand, restoring better health in someone with OI or POTS requires a lifetime, lifestyle commitment to nutrition, exercise and overall wellness.

Tiffany from Dr. Levine's team said that some POTS sufferers have chronic low blood volume.  I think I am probably one of them :-)  Eating a super high-sodium diet is probably only required up until optimal blood volume is achieved after which you can go into "maintenance mode."

My conclusion is that "Orthostatic Health" may not be a cure but it can allow our bodies to function better in spite of having POTS or OI.

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  1. A cure would be lovely but like you I think it is more of a chronic issue in my case. My cardio said she had noticed a dramatic increase in dys presentations in the years since salt intake has been reduced. Especially in young women who are more likely to be on a low sodium diet as part of the overall health kick. She (and my prof) were saying that this extreme aversion to salt is now bringing forth problems that wouldn't have been present otherwise (not that they are advocating increased salt for everyone, but more that balance). Its a little similar to the sunscreen vs Vit D issue that is now occurring in Aus.

    PS love your blog :)