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Lotsa Salt Diet - Week 2

Went for my weekly visit to see Steve Sweeney, dietician at Simply for Life.  He is helping with a nutritious diet which includes  >8,000 mg of sodium daily.  My weight was down 4 1/2 lbs from last week (yay!).  Steve said to expect fluctuations as my body gets used to the increased salt intake and new exercise regime.  He said that my metabolism will change as my body becomes used to the different activity level. This week I will be increasing my daily sodium by 1,500mg.

We also talked about the exercises.  I told Steve that sometimes it was so hard to do the exercises it was scary!  He said to try performing them two hours after consuming a low-glycemic oatmeal.  That should help boost my energy level for the exercises.  "Steel cut?" says I "definitely!" says Steve.  We are an oatmeal family and familiar with the chewy, almost nutty taste of the Irish-style, steel cut variety.  I have a fond memory of my mother cooking my breakfast oatmeal and my father secretly hiding a small rubber crocodile under the oats and then telling me it was "swamp oatmeal".

I will be cooking the oatmeal in water instead of milk which isn't ideal as I would prefer to use milk.  However, since I am looking at reducing calories I can put up with the water for a while....with the addition of some cut up fruit, salt of course and a sprinkle of cinnamon it should be palatable.  Breakfast at our house normally starts at 6:30am so that means exercises should start at 8:30am to get full benefit from the extra energy from the carbohydrates in the oatmeal.  

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