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New Information on Using the Bed Wedge to Build Blood Volume

Using a bed wedge is said to be helpful in building blood volume.  The picture here shows a series of wedges forming a slant where the whole body can be angled head down or up. For building blood volume the head of the body should be raised.  This slant with the head raised, according to Dr. Levine, is the optimal position for the body to be in for building blood volume.

Dr. Levine wrote me to say:
"It is not very helpful to just elevate your head on a wedge.  In order to be most useful at expanding the plasma volume, you need to sleep with your WHOLE BODY on an angle. "
After reading this I now have a railroad of pillows on my bed running from where my knees are to the bed wedge so that my entire body is slanted.  Dr. Levine went onto suggest that one could elevate the head of the bed by 4-6" but since that would not be met with great enthusiasm in our home, I elected to do the railroad thing.

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