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The Salty Beauty of Miso

Thanks to Rusty for bringing up Miso as a wonderful addition to the Lotsa Salt diet!  Miso is a Japanese food staple made up of fermented soy beans, rice, sea salt and koji (aspergillus oryzea).  High in protein, minerals and vitamins (a great source for B12), miso can be the base ingredient of sauces, soups, spreads and stews.

In my cupboard I have two types of organic miso: genmai and kome.  Kome is a common miso most widely used and genmai is one of the most nutritious miso made from brown rice.  Look for miso that has been fermented for 12 months or longer for better flavour.

Sodium per 1 tsp of miso:
Kome = 250mg
Genmai = 300mg

To cook with miso, the rule of thumb is 1/2 cup miso to 6 cups water for soup.  Add to water when cooking brown rice for a salty treat or stir into tinned soups and stews when you're not up to cooking from scratch.

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  1. I get a variety that is single sachets which you make up like a small cup of coffee. Very handy for when you are out and about or can't be bothered doing the big soup. You can get it freeze dried or in paste form with little pieces of seaweed.

    Muso Organic Instant Miso Soup (freeze dried) is the only one I have in the cupboard at the moment. I can't remember the name of the other one I normally buy.