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When Lotsa Salt is too Much Salt

One New Year's eve we decided to go to a beautiful country inn with the kids and some friends to celebrate.  We had a 6 course gourmet meal planned incorporating plenty of our local seafood and fish.  This was the most formal dinner the kids had attended and certainly the most adventurous culinary experience.

The second course of our meal was raw Shemogue oysters. DELICIOUS!  They were served in the half-shells on a bed of course sea salt.  As we were busy slurping our oysters and sipping our champagne, my son was struggling.  When everyone was finished their oysters my son quietly approached me and said "mom- I have eaten as much of the salt as I can but I won't be able to finish it"  Holy Moly!  We looked and he had eaten 1/4 of the plate of course sea salt that the oyster shells were sitting on.  He must of had a gallon of water that night!

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  1. poor kid! it sounds like a fun night except for that little experience. i remember the first time i had shrimp, i ate them shells and all. boy, did i get sick!