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Elvis and Orthostatic Intolerance

What do they have in common?  The answer is the Yellow Wiggle.

Did you know that the Yellow Wiggle, of the world renowned Wiggles, has a huge collection of Elvis memorabilia?  AND he suffers from orthostatic intolerance.

After watching Greg page, AKA Yellow Wiggle, perform in the famous number "Monkey Dance" it's clear that Elvis is the source of Greg's creative inspiration for the dance.

Last week it was announced that the Yellow Wiggle has joined forces with Elvis's former roadie, Joe Esposito (I thought he was a hockey player?), to create a "museum tribute" to the king.  Many of Elvis personal treasures will be on display.  Well worth the journey to Parkes NWS, Australia if they will have the famous "fried banana sandwich" skillet in the collection.


  1. Parkes has had a huge Elvis festival for years, which made it the perfect place for Greg to display his huge collection. People come from all over the world to attend. For one weekend there are thousands of Elvis and Pricilla's rocking the streets. The rest of the time about the only thing to do is visit the huge space radar installation. My last memory of visiting Parkes is cleaning up Thomas' vomit at 3am in a small hotel room. Parkes will always be associated with the smell of 're-presented' fish and chips for me. Ah the joys of children.

  2. The power of Elvis never ceases to amaze me! ;-) When we plan our trip to Australia perhaps we should include Parkes in our itinerary. Not sure if I'll be able to fit my sequined white polyester jumpsuit and cape in my luggage though...