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Migraines with POTS and OI

Although I am now feeling much improved after doing Dr. Levine's treatment protocol there are times when I get quite severe symptoms.  Yesterday I had a migraine.  When I was in the acute phase of this condition I experienced migraines daily, sometimes continuously.

If you have read my page on Riboflavin you will now that I have been taking 200mg of B2 twice daily and it has helped reduce the frequency of my migraines significantly.  What are the migraines like?

Yesterday, as an example, it started with a dagger slowly being pushed through my eye socket. The vision in that eye went dark and through the other eye spots appeared.  The brain fog took over and if I had been on my feet I know that walking would have been a challenge.  (My family describes my walking as "lurching" when I am in this state.)

As the pain eased off after about 10 minutes I was left with the vision problems, brain fog, fatigue and general feeling of "crappiness".  Sitting prone with a bag over my head can help in these situations.

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