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Evil Marmite and POTS

Mitch just posted on my previous Marmite blog to let us know that Marmite actually is loaded with MSG.  Now before you freak-out and throw your hidden stash of 6 Marmite jars in the bin you may want to know that MSG is actually a naturally occurring element in many foods.

A pizza with mushrooms, cheese and tomato sauce, for example is loaded with MSG because it the food it contains has the MSG built-right-in.  Marmite has lost of glutamate because of the yeast content.  That said, if you feel you are sensitive, and many people with Postural Orthostatic tachycardia Syndrome and Orthostatic Intolerance do have food sensitivities, then definately avoid Marmite. (thanks Mitch for the info)

Here is a really interesting post on MSG that I found and it specifically references Marmite.  You can find it here...

The following is an excerpt from the article which lists the MSG content in food which I found really surprising:
[per 100mg]
roquefort cheese 1280
parmesan cheese 1200
soy sauce 1090
walnuts 658
fresh tomato juice 260
grape juice 258
peas 200
mushrooms 180
broccoli 176
tomatoes 140
mushrooms 140
oysters 137
corn 130
potatoes 102
chicken 44
mackerel 36
beef 33
eggs 23
human milk 22

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