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Miraculous Return!! Girl recovers from POTS

Article on a teenager and her recovery from POTS:
by Jeff Meade , last modified April 02. 2010 11:36AM

TEMPERANCE — Soccer is the passion of Jillian Weiss’ life. She has been playing it since kindergarten while growing up in Sylvania, Ohio, where soccer is king.
She’s also a straight-A student at Bedford High School who had dreams of becoming an astronaut.
But Weiss spent one of the most important years of her life without school or soccer. She was stuck at home battling POTS, a strange disorder that causes debilitating fatigue, extreme headaches, dizziness and abdominal pain.
Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome is defined as “excessive heartbeat increments upon upright posture.” It prevents sufferers — usually teen girls — from participating in sports, social events and even school.
Weiss returned to school last fall, although her battle with POTS continues. Miraculously, she is back on the soccer field for Bedford. TO FULL ARTICLE IN MONROENEWS...


  1. Do you know Dr. Levine's reasoning for starting the exercises at 30 minutes? That just sounds like sooo much

  2. Hi Ella - Dr. Levine's background in this area is pretty extensive and impressive. The study i am participating is actually its second phase; the first phase was the same program administered directly by Dr. Levine and his staff at their facilities. They achieved such impressive results for the first phase that they decided to proceed with the second.

    SO to answer your question: 30 minutes does seem like a long time and you will probably feel pretty bad when you're doing the exercise (see my earlier posts)

    Soldier on!!