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Soldiers, Orthostatic Intolerance and Exercise

Next week my eldest son goes to Afghanistan. He is in the Canadian Infantry and for this mission he will be with the 1st Royal Canadian Regiment.  (Yes I am worried and yes I am VERY proud of him - he is very brave)

We can only imagine the challenging conditions he and his fellow soldiers will face overseas.   He will be on patrol away from the comforts of Khandahar and aside from the obvious dangers they face from the conflict  it will be hot, dry, and dusty.  Dreadful situation for anyone with orthostatic intolerance!

Which brings to mind a study I recently read about which examined the effects of endurance training in the treatment or prevention of orthostatic intolerance.  Performed by researchers in Vienna and included participation by folks from Vanderbilt, this study examined 2,768 soldiers for orthostatic intolerance using a questionnaire and the Tilt Table Test.  36 soldiers were found to have orthostatic intolerance.  31 decided to enter a "randomized, controlled trial".  Some soldiers were required to do 3 months of jogging and others were in the control group (sitting around playing video games and eating Viennese pastries?).  At the end of the study period, in the control group, 10 out of 11 participants showed no signs of improvement in their symptoms whereas in the jogging group, all but 6 of the 16 soldiers still had orthostatic intolerance.

The conclusion: endurance exercise can significantly improve the symptoms of orthostatic intolerance in a majority of patients (postural orthostatic tachycardia is an expression of orthostatic intolerance).

The abstract of the study can be found here:

BTW- Please say a prayer for all our brave soldiers who have put their lives at risk at the behest of our nation.

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