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The Yellow Wiggle Challenge

Since I first started writing about the Yellow Wiggle as being one of the most famous sufferers of Orthostatic Intolerance I have received many teasing remarks and have been the (wiggly) butt of many a joke.  A close family member even tried to do a school project entitled "the Yellow Wiggle Disease" but abandoned the project because it didn't sound serious enough.

I have decided show these people just how SERIOUS this condition is and that it is NO LAUGHING MATTER. I have decided to rise to the challenge of finding Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle and getting him to agree to being interviewed by yours truly on his experience with Orthostatic Intolerance and then post the interview on this blog.

Anyone with information as to his whereabouts is asked to please contact the author.


  1. He has his own page You have to contact him through his management team. On his home page he tells his story and also has links to the Fund he gave his name to here in Aus. My two cardios are involved with him in the fund.

    I use YWS which sounds very dramatic (Yellow Wiggle Syndrome) a lot. I think his best contribution has been that people realised it must be serious if he had to give up being a Wiggle. He's back doing some small gigs now which is great.

  2. Greg Page has been my saviour when I've had to talk about POTS/dysautonomia. "You know how the yellow wiggle got sick and had to leave the group?" "Yep." "Well..... it's like that." "Ohhhhhh, that sucks! You poor thing, you must feel like crap!"

    I hope he does agree to the interview! Will be great to hear how he's doign these days

  3. "The most famous person with my disease is Yellow Wiggle..." Yup. I use that phrase quite a bit.