For people suffering from Orthostatic Intolerance, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia, Mast Cell Activtation or EDS. Follow me as I document my struggle towards better health.

RELAPSE!! or how avoidance ruined a good thing...

I have a terrible admission to make:  Last Christmas, there was an unfortunate incident with a Stadium Sausage (see previous blog post);  the Stadium Sausage, purchased at Foxborough during a Patriot's game,  inflicted a terrible revenge (it obviously was a Green Bay sausage) where a significant amount of fluid was lost over a short period of time.  From that incident and until recently I have not done any exercises.

Why?  A week after the sausage (A.S.) we were still "on holiday" and so endured cancelled flights, long airport delays and all sorts of other inconvenient travel adventures which made it challenging to find times to do regular exercises.

When we finally returned home I went back to work, which of course, I love. I also avoided exercising which I don't love so much.  A couple of weeks had passed since I had done regular exercises so I knew that a recovery time would be required after each exercise session and this would eat into my work hours.

What happens when I become"De-Conditioned"?
I avoided exercising and what happened?  I slowly became more "symptomatic" to the point of not being able to work at the point where I had no choice but to repeat Dr. Levine's exercise protocol from the very beginning, increase the salt in my diet and forget about being useful for a while.

I am now in the third week of the exercise protocol.  This time around I am recovering much more quickly from the exercises. Initially I needed 4 hours of receovery time, now I need an hour or two. I am already feeling the benefits of the program and can spend most afternoons doing a few hours of work or other activities.  I am easily fatigued and if I "over do it" the next day will be spent totally wiped out.

Since this is the second time I have done the exercise protocol I know that it will take some time but if I persist, more and more time will be recoverd for normal activities.

For some people POTS and OI is a transitory condition and for some it is a lifetime challenge.  If I want to stay functional then I must accept that my lifetyle must include exercise and healthy eating...forever.

Soldier on!


  1. Keep at it!
    I had the stomach flu last year & it was super super hard to come back from, even with fluid loading the second I was able to keep it down.
    Nobody could understand why it set me so far back but now I know I'm not a lone

  2. Thanks Savannah! The lesson i am learning is that I really can't take my improvement for granted. ...and any illness that can dehydrate can have a significant impact! You are definately not alone. :-)