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Woman "Reclaims her Life" from POTS!

Looking for further evidence that controlled exercise can alleviate symptoms of POTS and OI?  Check out this video Dr. Levine kindly forwarded to me of one of his patients who achieved wonderful results with the protocol.

This protocol may not work for everybody but BY GOLLY it may be worth a try.  Look and listen to this very articulate woman as she recounts her experience:


  1. Erina! This is the video I mentioned in my last post. She is the one who ultimately motivated me to begin the protocol. I just finished my first week! I have completed 4 bike sessions and honestly I didn't think I could pedal for 5 minutes before I started. It has been much easier than I ever imagined and my body has responded really well so far. There is just something about hearing it straight from the horse's mouth. It just made it real to me that people were getting better with this!

  2. Thank you for posting this video! I have been trying to get into this study for months, I have contacted them, and then asked my doctor to contact them, and am waiting to hear from my doctor. Ive been exercising on a beta blocker for months but its just not working, so I started gradually weaning from it this week. When Im medication free Im going to try again.