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My Golden Retriever has POTS...?

You want me to do what?
We know that physical deconditioning can cause or contribute to POTS- like symptoms.  We know that sleeping with your head down and your feet up can induce orthostatic intolerance in otherwise healthy people.  So, if the same can be said for dogs then my golden retriever MUST have Orthostatic  Intolerance or even Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia!

Over the winter months when the snow is on the ground and squirrels are snoozing in their nests, our dog Jack is a master at chilling on his bed.  We have known him to sleep for days, stirring himself only for the most serious situations such as eating, receiving ear scratches and tummy rubs or going outside to do "his business",  If the weather is inclement then he simply refuses to go out of doors, choosing instead to go back to sleep until such time as the weather is conducive for a short walk.  The winter for Jack is couch potato time.

Now that spring has arrived (whoopee!!!) and the little red squirrels are out in force, Jack will be resuming sentry duties guarding against 4 legged trespassers.  Will Jack experience a racing heart rate, chest pain, dizziness, exercise fatigue?  Will the winter-long deconditioning affect his squirrel chasing performance?

Obviously the danger of Orthostatic Intolerance from too much bed rest is of greater concern to working professionals such as circus dogs who must remain upright for prolonged periods.  As for Jack, we will keep him on all four paws and gradually get him back into shape in time for summer.

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