For people suffering from Orthostatic Intolerance, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia, Mast Cell Activtation or EDS. Follow me as I document my struggle towards better health.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia - On the Hunt for Truth

Everyone looks to find answers about why our life plans can be abruptly altered without our cooperation.  Whether its a tragedy, an illness, an unexpected career hurdle, we want to know why it happened and what we can do to gain back control of our lives.  Chronic illnesses are the same.  We want to know why, dammit, we are faced with this challenge that is not of our choosing.

In some cultures people seem to be less anxious about finding answers than we are here in the western world.  Perhaps it is because their unexpected flummoxes happen on such a regular basis they just dont have the time to search for answers or maybe they just chose leave most of their major life events in the hands of their deities.

In our culture, however, we need to have answers; we need to know why we are sick.  After all EVERYTHING can or should be able to be explained by science, right?  So there MUST be an answer, a solution, a cure if only we are smart enough or persistant enough to find it.

The drug companies have cleverly redirected this noble quest for answers over the past few decades by focusing our attention on the symptoms of our illnesses.
"If you suffer from {name the symptom} then look no further than {name the drug} for relief."
Thanks to the marketing efforts of the pharmaceutical industry we now see removal of symptoms as partal answers, partial cures to our illnesses.  Drug therapies can be the FIRST place we look for answers to our ills.  In fact, we can come to a full stop in our hunt for answers if the drug companies don't sell something that addresses our complaint.

For the lazy this is ideal: Do you have high blood pressure? No problem.  Take this drug and it will lower your blood pressure to an ideal level.  I call this the Homer Simpson approach to medicine.

Of course there are life saving drugs and thank goodness they are available.  But next time you see an ad on TV flogging a particular drug take note if the drug mentioned is lifesaving or just a convenient "fix" to a symptom.

I see this "focus on the symptom for a quick fix" not very helpful in helping those who are searching for answers to their health challenges that are not well understood by scientists.  Its the equivalent to a detective solving a crime based on circumstantial evidence "The butler did it!!"  When the guilty party is actually a roving stranger with a strange habit of murdering people who wear plaid socks.

I know in my quest to better health I don't want to become distracted, to give up my hunt for answers and go for quick fixes for symptoms.  I want to get to the truth behind why I am ill.


  1. Thanks for update and sorry to hear that you haven't returned to health. A couple of questions...are you still able to follow Dr. Levine's exercise protocol? How is your POTS and OI relative to a year ago? Do you have any idea what triggered the mast cell attack? (Could it have been exercise itself?)

    Thanks good luck with everything.

    1. I think she's left the building again. LOL She quit blogging for a year, then started up again posting and now crickets again for a month. Doesn't answer many questions either.

  2. I'm a new reader, newly diagnosed with POTS, and I find all your archived posts useful. Your blog shows a generous and strong spirit. My best wishes are with you in whatever health challenges you are facing.